Tip of the day: what else besides protein?

I have a desk job, but I put my body through some stress due to the nature and intensity of the workouts I do. As a result, I like to make sure I take in enough protein with every meal. If you have reviewed my food logs, or if you are one of the many that I have had conversations with on the topic, you know that I tend to focus on my protein source and stress that we should avoid carbs (with some exceptions) and avoid refined sugars. The next question is usually, “so what else do you eat”? 


The simple answer is that I basically fill my plate with Low or medium glycemic load veggies and fruits/berries/nuts.. The glycemic index tells you how fast you will get a blood sugar spike from a source, and the glycemic load is basically saying that a small amount of a higher Glycemic Index (GI) food will have the same glycemic load as a large amount of a lower GI food.  do a google search for glycemic load and you will find ample resources but I will include two links: 



the second link is showing the GL for strawberries (which i happen to love when in season). If you look up my other big favorites, broccoli and tomato’s, you will see that they are low GL foods. find something you enjoy that has a low or medium GL, keep it within the bounds of your allowed calories for the day, and you are good to go. My wife and I have calorie targets for each meal, but I will note that if we know that we are going out for a meal with friends that we will adjust down the calories for the other meals. We feel that this technique gives us a little more room to allow for restaurant meals. 


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