Super foods.. They are real!! FREE information

Super foods.. They are real!! FREE information

It seems I often see ads on the web for “super foods”, click here for more info, etc. I think most of them are some exotic berry from an exotic land, but I have proof that super foods are REAL.. Superman, seems like an ordinary man but he has great strength and other properties packed into an ordinary looking visage. Well my friends, if superfoods are the same, then they are indeed real and available at your supermarket or fast food outlet. For example, one can prepare a hamburger at home and for less then 400 calories, but some fast food burgers (without the fries or drink) can be DOUBLE that calorie count.

Don’t think its coincidence that makers of processed foods have high calorie counts. They apply the science of eating and know what combination of ingredients can please your taste buds, and they are loaded with highly refined and processed ingredients to minimize their cost and profit margin. I have no problem with a business making money, but I do wish they would care more about the obscene number of calories they are feeding their customers. I was in a popular fast food joint about 6 months ago, this chain does have their calorie counts posted on their menu. I was shocked to see that they have a “kids meal” item that had about 800 calories. NO child needs 800 calories in any meal and I cant see how they can justify adding that to their menu.

If you want to drop body fat, and feel better, avoid processed foods and fad diets. Strive for consistency, track your calories and eat fresh foods made from real ingredients. Save your money and don’t be tricked into marketing schemes for the exotic “magic food” of this month and just buy good quality real foods available at your local supermarket or farmers market.


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