It’s all in the numbers.

I see many people that jump into working out, jogging, tennis, etc. because they feel a need to get in shape. The sometimes jump in with great passion and I think that is amazing, but they are missing something. They seemingly fail to realize that the numbers are against them. To use my own example: I work out 4 days a week for about an hour, typically 5 hours a week of gym time.


Can my 5 hours of training beat out the 163 hours a week when I am NOT in the gym?


The same logic applies to moments of decision. I choose to workout 4 times a week, I make an effort and conscious decision to get out of the door in time to make it to the gym and I choose to put in my best effort while there, but how does that compare to the moments of decisions when it comes to my eating choices. Lets assume most people eat 2-4 times a day (4 a day for me, breakfast, lunch pre-workout/snack, dinner) , or 14-28 times a week when we choose what to eat, or choose to skip a meal.


Can the decisions for 4 workout opportunities outweigh 14-38 major decision points for nutrition?


NOTE: I say “major” decision points, as the true number is much larger. If you make a decision to grab that bag of chips while in line at the supermarket, or grab a handful of snacks from the pantry.  Lets face it, we all snack and we all decide to cheat/eat outside our eating plan. I actually PLAN to cheat approximately 10% of my total meal count and I feel that is an important part of my eating plan. For example: I grabbed a slice of wonderful cheese and some pineapple a day or two ago in a 2am run to the kitchen.. I don’t regret it, I was still actually under calories for the day, and I logged what I ate in the morning.. The take away message is that I was accountable, I faithfully logged it, it fit into my eating plan and I made a decision to have one small slice, instead of a huge chunk of cheese.


To me, we do not “forget” to eat breakfast or lunch on any given day, we CHOOSE to skip that meal.  There is no question that life does get in the way at times, but if we prioritize our nutrition we can make good choices. I know of parents that are able to make sure their child eats 3 times a day, but who also claim they “forgot” to eat breakfast. If you have the skills to remember to feed your child, you can probably remind yourself to eat. I used to NEVER eat breakfast, and I’m sure that it is a complete coincidence that was also a period when I was lugging around about 80 additional pounds of fat. Is breakfast truly the most important meal of the day? I say it is certainly in the top 3 or four, but what a good breakfast does for me is that I am not starving by lunchtime and far more likely to make a wise lunch choice. 


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5 Responses to It’s all in the numbers.

  1. Janie says:

    I chose banana pudding for my breakfast today. I have it logged and it’s in my plan. I will also have a glass of wine tonight. And that also is in my plan. 🙂

  2. Janie says:

    BTW, Lunch, tuna and steamed broccoli… dinner lean meat and veggies.

  3. Katrina says:

    You guys crack me up! Janie, can I come climb Pinnacle with you sometime? I think I’m ready for that!

  4. Janie says:

    YES Katrina! Next time I go I will let you know. Sunday’s are best for me. And the weather is getting perfect for it! Oh, and BTW, I’ll be running by the Villa Marie in the morning with the training group. Always say a prayer for you and Tom when I pass by!

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