Tip of the day: Be honest

Tip of the day: Be honest

His nickname was “Honest Abe”, and he was pretty lean, so I guess he was pretty honest when he logged his calories online. I am a big fan of logging my food, as it has worked very well for me and my wife. I admit being shocked when i first started the process, and by how calorie dense some foods are. I was VERY skilled at the art of justifying almost anything as “healthy” (i suspect other heavy people probably share that skill). My inner monologue might go something like this:
me: “Well yes.. i did have a large meat lovers pizza for dinner, BUT i skipped breakfast and lunch, AND its pretty good for you (Its just a thin piece of bread dough, with veggie sauce, lots of veggies and some meat – you know i need protein). ”

I was also greatly underestimating my calorie intake. Over the course of the night I would eat that large pizza. Not proud to admit that, but I also know i’m not alone. Even though i skipped my other meals, I still took in 3400 calories with that pizza alone. My point is to be consistent, and most importantly for you to be honest with your log. If you create a work of fiction meant for others to be impressed with, you are only hurting yourself. I have seen this countless times with friends who are trying to drop fat, and asking for tips but I see their log happens to record all the good, but none of the bad. I have even seen meals or check-in’s at places where you cant really eat clean but then the logs record meals that are very difficult to believe.

record your super awesome clean meal wins, but also record your slips and your cheat meals. Its not meant to shame you and you don’t have to get depressed over it. My point is that my wife and I find that it keeps us informed and we can then make decisions based on that accurate picture. lets say you had a horrible meal, and were over your calories by 1,000 or 2,000 calories. So what? you are human, but lets become aware of what we are doing, so that we can adjust. Don’t eat like a bird and only take in 500 calories the next day but perhaps we do cut a little off our norm (staying about 1,200) or we add a couple of minutes of conditioning after our workout. You don’t see a professional athlete in a slump that hides from their errors. They FOCUS on the errors and get advice on how to correct them. Awareness and Honesty are the keys to success.


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One Response to Tip of the day: Be honest

  1. Janie says:

    When you don’t write everything down in your log, you are just cheating yourself. I’m blessed because we are on the same page with our journey. And we will slip, we will eat the delicious, calories filled food! But this is a treat! And only 10% of the time. Because we have also found that eating clean makes you feel better. I never have that bloated heavy feeling after our meals. I feel GREAT! I am conditioning my body with fuel so that I can do the activities I love.

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