Tip of the day: breaking though a plateau

Tip of the day: breaking though a plateau

When you find yourself stuck at a plateau, how do you get past the latest sticking point? Will you try to throw in some cardio, or perhaps run up a nearby hill in a sweatsuit? As boring as my answer is, I think it will give you great results, and your life and metabolism will thank you for it. My tip to plateau smashing simply is: consistency. Yep, just stay the course stick with the eating plan and workouts and the plateau will break. My wife and I recently climbed on the scale one recent morning to see a couple of pounds had dropped off of our prior plateau. It seems as though my body almost struggling to stay at a weight range, and if i show I am more stubborn than my plateau, that its almost like my body admits defeat. Perhaps my body decides one night.. “i cant do it, i have tried and tried to stay at this weight for two weeks but i’m just getting the calories i need.. we are going to have to cut loose some dead weight”.
A secondary tip is to be very honest when logging. My wife and I log everything we eat, good days and cheat meals. We also try to be honest when recording our activities for the day. if you are sticking for more than a couple of weeks you might want to pay attention to your intake and your burn. I do feel it is very important to take in clean calories, AND to make sure you are not going too low. I had to give a buddy of mine a hard time recently because he only ate 500 calories one day and thats too low for ANYONE, much less a 210lb full grown man. if we go too low, we are at risk of slowing down our metabolism, and then its harder to make progress in the future.


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