Tip of the day: Easy method for evaluating nutritional information label

here is the scenario.. You are at the supermarket with a box of “product X” in your hands.. staring at the ingredient list, and scanning the nutritional information.. How can i tell if this is “healthy” or not.  I have created a quick and easy method to evaluate food labels that I am willing to share with you.. If you are reading a label on the box of product X, chances are its NOT healthy. a great rule is to avoid processed foods and shop around the outside edge of the store where they typically have the fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein sources. I like to combine a lean protein source, and veggies/fruit with each meal. Yes, I am sure there are exceptions but I was having a hard time thinking of one. My wife and I were chatting about this in the car, and we thought of Pasta. We both love pasta, and with my Italian heritage it will always have a special place in my heart but not on my plate. We only eat starchy carbs within about 60-90 minutes of a good workout, or as a cheat meal (approx 10% of our total meals for the week) 


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My blog will document my journey toward fitness at 50 years old.
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