Whats your excuse?

Tell me your excuse of why you cant work out. Is it the lack of time? Do you have a bad back, or perhaps your pinkie toe hurts?  I am quite curious about this, not trying to judge but I would like to understand.

What about me? I could start off by saying how well I am doing today with workouts/nutrition, but instead will admit that for years I had all of the typical excuses.  I could justify/dismiss just about anything, but i was going down a bad path. I will open myself up, in the hope that my transparency helps any person who might be reading this. After a ugly first marriage, and messy divorce, I got my dream job. My new role came at the perfect time, and I jumped in with both feet. I was out drinking beer and eating crappy food every night, and stressed over my job.  I am sure was gaining weight on a daily basis and I was miserable. I was alone, and lonely, but was sick of trying the dating game. I decided I was OK with being alone, and OK with the man I was. Shortly after that I was blessed enough to find with the love of my life, a truly awesome woman that I do not deserve but try to be worthy of every day. Fast forward to about 2 1/2 years ago, when I got to my breaking point in terms of health. I realized that if i did not change that I was going to die, and i had too much to live for. I found a great trainer that day, called him and got the courage to walk into that gym. I sit here today with 80lbs less fat on my body and much more energy.  I am saying that I am human, that i have made the same mistakes as many others, but I made a decision to turn that around.

I decide what to eat, and not fall prey to urges or attractive advertising. I decide to work out hard. Not trying to be a martyr but just so you know, I have some fairly bad neck issues. Today is a BRUTAL pain day but i’m up and working and i will be in the gym tonight. I will be there because my body and my mind NEED that workout. I refuse to use that as an excuse.

I have learned some tough lessons over my 50 years on this planet. My own father was an abusive guy, and to top it all off he stole every dime i had when i was in my 20’s.  I decided that I will not allow that experience to make me a bitter person that is not capable of trust or love. I saw hurricane Katrina take so much from my family, including my grandmothers home. I used that experience as my inspiration, as i realized so many people no longer had the opportunity to show small acts of love and kindness to those who matter. I made a decision to share positive thoughts with people, as i did not ever want to hold back feelings of love, or respect.

These are all decisions, conscious or not, and we decide our path in life. If I could only tell you how much better i feel today than I did when i started this fitness journey. If I could demonstrate how good it is to feel strong and healthy, you would be hooked too. I freely give my work day, and weekends to my job and to helping my friends and family but I demand 1 hour a day each weekday that is MINE. My time in the gym is not selfish, as our bodies need to move to remain healthy. I have a friend that once said that he felt guilty about taking an hour a day in the gym, that he should be spending it with his family. He is a good man and a good husband/father, but the reality is that he is currently over 300lbs. I simply noted that if he did not take that time to become healthy today, then he is truly depriving his family of so much in the future. Who will be there to comfort his wife, or to walk his daughter down the aisle if he is not there?

Apologies for a long post, but I just wanted to use my personal pain to try to help encourage others to take that step. If someone is reading this, and I can help you.. PLEASE reach out to me with any questions. I would love to help others in any way that I can.


About discoveringlean

My blog will document my journey toward fitness at 50 years old.
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