What is this all about.

My name is Mike. Im a 50 year old, happy married guy that is about 2 1/2 years into a journey to discover the strong, lean, athletic person that is hiding inside me. I started off probably north of 280lbs perhaps 3 years ago. I guess at the weight and the time, as there was a significant period of time where I would not step on a scale, as I had no desire to know the number. I had a few “breaking points” that drove me to change, such as:

the day i had to start shopping in the “Big&Tall” section, even though I was certainly not getting talling. 

The day I went to my doctor, because i was having heart palpitations. 

EVERY day, waking up tired, and drinking energy drinks all day to stay awake. 

I can give other examples and probably will over time. I feel the urge to elaborate on the above points. First of all, regarding the big and tall section.. Why the heck to clothing companies assume that when you get fat that you have a sudden urge to wear Hawaiian prints? My experience is that each of the “big&tall” sections had Hawaiian print shirts year round and I fail to understand why they assume I want to look like a Magnum XXL PI.  I also mentioned my concerns about my heart, that led me to a doctors visit and 24 hours of heart monitoring. My doctor gave me a stress test and reviewed the data from the portable monitor, as well as my food/drink log and concluded that 5-6 Monster energy drinks is far more caffeine than any person should consume. (but LUCKILY my heart was ok). 


I started to watch my intake and dropped some weight and started the “official” journey at 265lbs. I did make some progress through diet, but did not want to be the human version of a Shar Pei. I have friends that lost considerable amounts of weight via jogging, but putting that stress on my joints did not seem logical. On a day when i was already down about my weight, i happened upon a post in facebook from a friend that is a professional MMA fighter and in incredible shape. He thanked a local gym for a recent win, and noted that “they are they best”. I looked the place up online, and made the call. I chatted with the owner and asked if they only trained athletes or if they worked with fat guys too. The owner laughed, and said to show up at 5:30.. I guess you can say “the rest is history” as I started training that day and have never looked back. 


I sit here today 2 1/2 years later, minus 80lbs of fat and with a gain of 20+lbs of muscle. I intend to share lessons learned, tips and tricks, and thoughts on food and exercise. I will start off this blog with a bang, and take photographs and a log of all meals for 30 days. Please feel free to message me if I can answer any questions, etc. 





About discoveringlean

My blog will document my journey toward fitness at 50 years old.
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